Telly Hollins
Owner / Cinematographer

I'm not your average photographer and videographer. I consider myself a storyteller, with a love for capturing life precious moments. Allow me to share my journey and passion with you.

From the city of New York I embarked on a unique adventure that greatly influenced my perspective as an artist. Serving in the US Army exposed me to cultures, breathtaking landscapes and amazing individuals from walks of life. It was during these travels that I discovered my affection for photography. Through my lens I could freeze the beauty of the world around me. Immortalize the stories of those I encountered.

After dedicating myself to serving I decided to nurture my spark by pursuing formal education in multimedia. This path allowed me to expand my skill set dive into the art of storytelling and refine my style.

My approach, to photography and videography seamlessly merges the environment, its people and capturing moments in their essence. For me every frame should tell a captivating story that evokes emotions and preserves memories destined to withstand times test.

With years of experience and a genuine passion, for my craft I dedicate myself wholeheartedly to every project I undertake. My goal is simple; to capture those moments that will forever hold a place in your heart. Whether its a family gathering or a grand celebration my expertise lies in capturing photographs and videos across a wide range of venues and occasions.

It's not about the technicalities of my work. My friendly and outgoing nature, combined with my love for what I do ensures that the creative process is an delightful experience for clients of all ages. I understand that each project is unique and I take pride in tailoring my services to align with your specific vision and requirements.

In essence I am more than a photographer or videographer; I am a storyteller, on a mission to create timeless, emotive and captivating narratives through the lens of my camera. It would be an honor to have you accompany me on this journey where every frame holds a story waiting to be shared with the world.

Let us embark on this adventure your photography and videography adventure. Please don't hesitate to get in touch so that we can bring your vision to life.

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