The First Gaze "engagement photos"

The First Gaze "engagement photos"

"Capturing the Essence of Love with Engagement Photos"

Engagement photos hold a much deeper meaning than just pretty pictures for your wall or social media. They are a heartfelt declaration of love to the world, a delightful 'save the date,' and a cherished memory of the start of a beautiful journey as two lives intertwine into one. Regardless of their purpose, your engagement photos should radiate sheer joy and love that emanate from both of you.

To ensure we capture this special chapter in your unique love story exactly as you've envisioned, we provide;

1. Personal One Hour Meet & Greet Engagement Session: Let's connect and truly get to know each other. This initial session allows us to infuse your distinct personalities into your photos, ensuring they genuinely reflect your one of a kind love story.

2. Exquisite 8"x10" Framed Image of Your Choice: Handpick your favorite image and we'll expertly frame it for you to cherish as a timeless keepsake.

3. Flash Drive with ALL High Resolution Files: You'll receive a convenient flash drive containing all high resolution files, giving you the option to remove any copyright if desired.

4. Online Hosting: We'll host all your images online for easy access and provide a link for family and friends to purchase their own copies."

Celebrate this beautiful chapter of your journey with us as we immortalize the precious moments of your love story through our exceptional photography. Reach out and let's discuss how we can bring your unique vision to life in stunning engagement photos that will forever capture the radiance and joy of your love.

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