Ruffled and Ready "pet photography"

Ruffled and Ready "pet photography"

"Preserving the Essence of Your Beloved Companions"

Photographing your furry friends goes beyond just snapping pictures; it's about immortalizing their one of a kind personalities, capturing their heartwarming and funny moments and commemorating the habits that make them so special. This artistic endeavor demands both skill and patience, as pets can be wonderfully unpredictable and swift. To capture those spontaneous moments flawlessly, I always keep a stash of treats close by.

Our approach entails;

1. Treats on Hand: Pets often have their own agenda, which can make them camera shy or easily distracted. However, a well timed treat can work wonders in grabbing their attention and ensuring those picture perfect moments.

2. Framed 8x10 Photograph: Select your favorite image from our session and we'll expertly frame it for you. This will become a magnificent keepsake, proudly showcased and cherished for years to come.

We recognize the significance of preserving your pets unique charm and character through photography. 

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